John Davies


Westgate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 2001

Facing Britain

Group exhibition until 9 January 2022.

Kunsthalle Darmstadt

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Signed copies of the 'Retraced 81/19' book.

92 images of 'before and after' photographs made at the same locations in England, Wales, France and Germany between 1981 and 2019.

While stocks last: a signed copy of John Davies' first monograph
'Mist Mountain Water Wind' is included with the 'Retraced 81/19' book.

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'Call of Duty'
Remembrance Sunday, Liverpool, England 2011

Galleries representing John Davies
for B&W silver gelatin prints
and pigment colour prints made by the artist

Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

L. Parker Stephenson Photographs, New York

from the book: 'Retraced 81/19'
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